What is Lean thinking?

  • passionate belief that there is always a simpler, better way.
  • continuous drive to identify and eliminate waste.
  • A way of thinking that causes everyone to use their talent to improve the business everyday.
  • culture that extends the ideas and concepts across all business processes using a common toolset.

Unexpected Learnings

Unexpected Learnings image

I was blessed this morning to spend a few unplanned moments with a dear friend.  I always leave her and feel a sense of calm and goodness, and this was no different. 

As we chatted away she shared with me a quote her Dad refers to often, "You are the SUM total of ALL the people you have met and LEARN from."  As I departed the visit, I kept referring back to this and started to think upon how many opportunities each of us has to grow, as true human beings. 

I also started to reflect on what I have learned and how I have grown as a result of some amazing encounters recently. And then it hit me!  So if I am the sum of what I learn from others...then how am I adding to them?!  And am I adding to them?  Not all meetings will be positive but taking a moment to learn from and move forward is influential in who we are.

So as I move ahead, I will continue to reflect on this and hold it close, recognizing how each encounter is contributing to my being and how I can learn from others.  And most importantly I will consider how I contribute to the sum parts of those I meet.