What is Lean thinking?

  • passionate belief that there is always a simpler, better way.
  • continuous drive to identify and eliminate waste.
  • A way of thinking that causes everyone to use their talent to improve the business everyday.
  • culture that extends the ideas and concepts across all business processes using a common toolset.

Find the GOOD

Find the GOOD image

Life is tough and we live in a world that appears to focus on the negative, it's in our newspapers, on our television, in our workplaces, and if we allow it to creep into our minds...it will destroy our hearts.

So I have made a conscious decision in the negative times to find the good! It is tough!  but if, when things are rough and you are angry or hurt, you stop for just a moment, a small moment, to think about the circumstance or situation which has upset you, there is something you can find that is good.

Once you find it, hold onto it, envision it, allow your spirit to be lifted and disallow all the bad from overrunning you and those around you. I often ask those I work with and my kids when they are having a rough day or time, "what is the good in it?"  We talk about the problem, work to find the solution and then find one good thing.

Try it, it's hard at first, but I am confident you will see how powerful it can be ... In the long run, your heart will thank you!

"In every storm there is opportunity."