What are some examples of wastes in our processes?

  • Rework
  • Paperwork
  • Scrap
  • Equipment downtime
  • Material moving
  • Scheduling, re-scheduling
  • Expediting
  • Inventory
  • Obselescence
  • Offline inspection



Beyond Connections Consulting is excited to announce a new offering as a Certified Lego® Serious Play® Methods Facilitator


I don't mean in any physical sense, but I refer to emotions, confidence, reputation of self or business.


Ontario High School students in Napanee have learned much about Indigenous history and have taken the You Rock Challenge with Beyond Connections and Converging Pathways.


In a world where information is instantaneously available and there is a push for everyone to attain greatness, how can employers ensure the heart of their organization - the front line staff- are engaged and satisfied?


Life is tough and we live in a world that appears to focus on the negative, it's in our newspapers, on our television, in our workplaces, and if we allow it to creep into our minds...it will destroy our hearts.


You are the SUM total of ALL the people you have met and LEARN from.


As I recently made my way around a golf course chasing the little white ball, I realized we can all learn a lot from the game of golf, relating it to change and personal adaptation.


We are blessed to have a tremendous number of Aboriginal leaders here within Canada, with a wealth of knowledge, stories, history, and experience that are more than willing to share and enlighten those who authentically wish to understand.


Briercrest's Aboriginal Awareness Week (AAW) was a great week filled with open, honest conversation and learning; gaining understanding about Aboriginal culture and history as a way of moving forward in reconciliation.


Aboriginal Awareness week at Briercrest College and Seminary held the first ever Restoration Cup hockey game. To drop the first puck, the first Aboriginal hockey player with treaty status from Canada to play in the NHL, Fred Sasakamoose - he played with